We’ve been up and running, day and night, to provide all of you BLACK LEMON-NERS out there with a mind-blowing, full-fledged, and long-term successful project.

Here’s what we have been up to. Trust us, there’s more to come!

  • We are negotiating a partnership with a top production partner to kick off our PLAY TO EARN Game and expand our production medium and capabilities.
  • We are in the process of a MASSIVE UPGRADE to our NFT Marketplace and NFT Staking Station to be able to offer it to other projects.
  • We are negotiating with clients requesting our NFT Marketplace and the unprecedented service of the NFT Staking Station. This is monumental as it allows the first $BOM token utility!
  • We are in contact with different CEX to list BOM on a centralized exchange.
  • We are working with talented Digital NFT artists to collaborate over jaw-dropping & out-of-this-world NFT collections.
  • Our Creative Factory service has been requested by different clients. This service includes 3D and 2D modeling, skinning, animation, and interactive designs; digital illustrations and drawings; photo/videography; and sound effects to create NFTs.
  • We are developing and finalizing our Creator’s Launchpad service that will be ready to launch soon to smoothen the ride of creators into the vast new digital universe of NFTs by offering them professional onboarding services.
  • We are working on a unique and unrivaled NFT collection that will be displayed on a momentous project’s marketplace & will be exhibited at a stellar event. This is definitely worth the wait!
  • Our mind-blowing and carefully crafted website is under construction and will be ready for launching soon! Wait for it, as it is to become your ultimate go-to hub. We promise you that!

BLACK LEMON’s project is the next colossal stun! Our team is working passionately and diligently on delivering one of the most innovative and fanciful projects created!

STAY TUNED & KEEP HOLDING $BOM. A LOT is comin’ your way

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