Catdirty - Let’s Just Chill

Who is Catdirty?

Mark Phillips is a Canadian-based artist and illustrator who goes by the artistic name CatDirty on all social media channels. On most of his channels, he includes the phrase, and we quote, “Slouchin’ Into Oblivion”, which actually perfectly describes his art, as well as term “NFT fartist” on Twitter!

Scanning through his artworks, you cannot but notice the overall mood and style Phillips uses, all revolving around a lot of colors, details as well as surreal and abstract features. Moreover, we notice that he may have been inspired by Sponge Bob show since his works does have a similar mood or style.

Let’s Just Chill!

No we’re not actually asking you to chill. Just Chill is the title of Phillip’s most recent NFT release on SuperRare. With some chilling beats and music, Phillips create a seamless looping 4K animation, frame by frame. It has surrealism written all over it, in vibrant colors.

The artwork reflects a gloomy purple ambiance with a character chilling underneath a mushroom, even though it’s night time and the moon is out. However, there are tiny houses and more elements surrounding them. It’s like the character and mushroom are giants while the rest are miniatures.