Lara Zankoul - Giving into Clouds

Who is Lara Zankoul?

Born and based in Lebanon, Lara Zankoul is a self-taught photographer and an interdisciplinary artist, who won in 2016 an award from the international Broncolor GenNext competition. She was also one of the finalist in the well-known Hasselblad photo competition as well as has been featured in several local and international exhibitions.

What about her style?

As an artist, and through videographic media, photography, 3D and installation, Lara crafts artworks revolving around human behavior and societal issues. Her main purpose aims at tempting her audience to develop their own interpretation and stories of the artworks. She simply wants them to have their own understanding rather than establishing a fixed one for all, which is quite interesting!

Zankoul is passionate towards experimenting and creating a world made of special moments, which focus on conceptual timelessness and surrealism.!

Giving into Clouds NFT artwork!

Recently, on Known Origin, Zankoul released an NFT artwork titled Giving into Clouds, which is still available for purchase! Within the artwork, Zankoul focuses on the surreal aspect and if you know, you know. You can definitely spot the Lebanese ambiance and windows within the artwork. What Zankoul did is simply reshape a traditional Lebanese house and change it into a “dreamscape” made of cotton clouds and a sky wallpaper! Today, these houses are replaced by modern ones, even if you can still find some!

She says, and we quote, “this work took a whole new dimension representing my dream to maintain the Lebanese architectural heritage versus replacing it with gain focused real estate.” Check it out now!