Luk - Think Twice of Existence

Who is Luk?

Luk, aka 25m42, is a self-taught 3D artist who initiated his artistic path in 2017. For his creations, he uses Houdini and Zbrush when he is building scenes as well as redshift when he is rendering. His creations revolve around spontaneous acts. We notice this after him saying, and we quote, “My creations usually happen to me i never have a script or concept.” Aren’t these the best and most genuine ones?

An NFT creation!

Recently, Luk released an NFT artwork titled Think Twice of Existence. He refers to it as A.I. Pushing The Boundaries of Existence Think Twice of Existence! It is a collaboration between Luk and multi-platinum producer Aeneas "Hardley Davidson" Middleton, who worked on the music creating an “atmospheric hybrid of electronica and orchestral score” to reach an “out-of-this-world sci-fi” outcome.

The artwork itself foretells what the human existence is and what message it holds. In addition, he adds a touch of unfamiliar earthly matrix. So, what do you think? Quite interesting!