Minutes by Espen Kluge

Born in Norway in 1983, Espen Kluge is a composer, visual artist and designer who refers to himself as the “Maker of art in the musical and visual elements. Frontiersman of the generative portrait.”

Did you know he used to be bipolar?

Espen is captivated by the introspective, exploratory, meditative, yet haphazard aspects of the creative process. He thinks this is partly due to his own experiences dealing with bipolar disorder issues prior to receiving successful treatment. He enjoys approaching creative work with a sense of unfamiliarity, usually by using programming languages, tools, or software that he doesn't know anything about or by setting up digital systems that add elements of ambiguity into it. He has a lot of interest in many different types of creative work and is involved in several categories of it.

It is such bravery for him to come out and share his experience with the world, not only in words, but also using art and music. Let’s face it, music and art is, to most people, a way to heal! Isn't it? 

Minutes, His artworks!

Recently on Nifty Gateway, Kluge released an NFT collection titled Minutes! His visual art is primarily portraiture, using the human face as a blank canvas for experimentation and improvisation, whether in code or not. Enthralled by the connection between the warped representation of a human face on a digital canvas and the altered perception of reality he experienced as a result of his illness.

Espens places a strong emphasis on introspection in both his music and visual art, directing his artistic lens toward the spontaneity and semi-randomness that emerge during improvisational moments.  Espen also writes music for film and television!