Tiago Marinho - MK2 Ghost

Who is Tiago Marinho?

Tiago Marinho is a 3D artist, musician, and creative director from Portugal. In addition to his art fascination and his NFT artworks, Marinho is also in a guitarist community as part of his other passion. It’s almost as if there are two Tiagos, one for art and another for music and guitars!

NFT collaboration!

Recently, and on OpenSea, Tiago designed and released a conceptual virtual jacket which is titled MK2 Ghost. This has been created featuring Mia Kong, a Chinese movie character and style director, exclusively for Moose Knuckles Canada, a luxury outerwear brand. That’s not it. Whoever collects this piece will be receiving a physical Moose Knuckles jacket, which is quite interesting since it is also made of the same design as the NFT! They have both been customized by Tiago himself.

The artwork however, has been produced by Madeinlx. It is an illustration of Mia Kong, the character, floating around several surreal worlds wearing the jacket itself and looking up! Mia Kong remains in the same position throughout the whole artwork. What changes is the surrounding world!

An interesting artwork and a mind-blowing jacket design too!