Ever since he was young, TyroneJKD has always been interested in computers, computer animation, and visual effects. As a current 3D motion designer, he has produced work for renowned clients such as Barclays, Bayer, Starbucks, BP, and Alienware at some of the leading design studios in the world. 

For more than ten years, he has been producing digital art. In addition, he makes creative use of smart contracts in a way that is not feasible in the conventional art world. Tyrone is enthusiastic about “digitizing dream states”, as put by himself! 

A Playground in the Sky

'A Playground in the Sky'
Drop page on @niftygateway is now live pic.twitter.com/Ja4RkazrMK

— Tyronejkd (@tyronejkd) September 21, 2022

On Nifty Gateway, and published by Gonza Fargas, TyroneJKD will be launching his recently collection dubbed “A Playground in the Sky”. It will be up for sale starting September 27, 2022. 

The collection is a limited series of 3 abstract artworks titled, “A Foggy Memory”, “A Summer Breeze”, and “Up Through the Atmosphere”. The latter represent satisfying and mesmerizing loops representing anything and everything that happens, “right above our heads”, or the sky! 

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