Yoann De Geetere - Prismatic Departure

Who is Yoann De Geetere?

Yoann De Geetere, aka Sumbyos, is a 3D digital artist residing in Montreal, Canada. He has been fascinated and “absorbed”, as he says, by the concept of combining cultures, art, and installations together as well as their effect on changing the way people think. Sumbyos earned a Master degree in Management of cultural industries from HEC and he also earned a degree in engineering of cultural and artistic projects in Toulouse.

According to him, art and management cannot collide. There are people responsible for managing and there are the artists. He always believed that combining both is difficult. However, and after years, he managed to develop this as his strength and started blending management and art within his work and creations. He says, and we quote, “From now on, I will use my creativity to enhance my way to manage and integrate my abilities in management to create bigger.”

Prismatic Departure NFT creation!

Recently, and on Foundation, Sumbyos released an NFT artwork titled Prismatic Departure, which was an inspiration he got from Shawn Button, a 3D sculpture. He also collaborated with Lofang for the artwork’s soundscape, as he calls it! He describes the artwork on Foundation, and we quote, “Completing the circle. Unity by orbit. Guided by light. Liberated by color. The oasis is found within”

The artwork actually shows itself as a sculpture and as if made from clay! It is indeed orbiting and moving in circles with a tree situated in the heart of it. Moreover, there seems to be someone walking around on the edge of the sculpture. An interesting piece of art indeed!