Ballon D’or will be giving unique NFTs to trophy winners!

One of football's most prestigious honors, the Ballon d'Or is sought after by players all over the world. This year, top footballers, who are fortunate enough to pick up the trophy, will also receive NFTs in addition to a gold statue.

In a recent press release, Ballon D’or announced, and we quote, “The Ballon d'Or® has entered the Web3 space. With an NFT collection based on pyrite, the stone that forms the base of the trophy. Extracted then digitized, this stone takes on exceptional properties around an exceptional ceremony...”, 

Let’s dig deeper into it!

On October 17, 2022, the 66th Ballon d'Or ceremony will take place. The NFTs will be given out after the winners are declared. The NFTs will have specific categories for the best male and female players, best striker, and best goalkeeper.

In addition to the NFTs that will be awarded to winners, there will also be a public NFT collection that can be purchased. If the first NFT event is a success, this might start to appear more frequently in the awarding process. The Ballon d'Or's sponsors, Equipe Media Group, claim that this is all an effort to add more of a web3 component to a long-standing and well-known award.

Do you know about Ballon D’or?

As we said, football's most reputable award, the Ballon d'Or®, has a rich history. This renowned trophy has been given to the top athletes in the world since it was created in honor of a round, gold-set comet that impacted the planet 66 years ago. But the trophy itself, as well as the pyrite stone that forms its base, will always stand out as a special object.

The Ballon d'Or® is a jewel of civilization and an extremely unique piece of pyrite mineral made up of precious metals and atoms. It was discovered during the creation of the Ballon d'Or® 2022 that this precious stone acquired exceptional qualities when it was digitally altered. The biggest football fans now have the chance to get it and join the sport's most exclusive club.

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