Did you know that Artificial Intelligence can participate in talent shows?

Tom Graham and Chris Umé are the co-founders and the creative forces behind Metaphysic. As described by them, the company is specialized in "building tech towards an ethical Web3 economy where users can access the limitless potential of the hyperreal metaverse, using AI and decentralized tech."  They only launched their startup a year ago. They also never had the opportunity to get together in person because they only became acquainted during the pandemic.

Chris Umé, Daniel Emmett, and Thomas Graham

If the name sounds familiar, it's likely because you've heard of their previous successful viral venture on the TikTok account DeepTomCruise. Do you know the user who posts the incredibly lifelike deep hoaxes of Tom Cruise behaving strangely? Yep, they're them! 

They got on AGT! 

It's not necessary to be an avid watcher of America's Got Talent to understand that Simon Cowell is difficult to amuse. He is renowned for his brutal honesty and candor. So,  They had no clue what to expect when the producers of Metaphysic were guests on the ever-popular internationl talent show. Together with Daniel Emmet, a former contestant on the show, they took the stage, and in just a few minutes they had the judges' and audience's attention captivated.

It went down like this!

As a large camera was positioned directly in front of him to block the judges' view of him, Daniel held the microphone.  The huge screen behind the vocalist came to life, showing that he had changed into Simon Cowell as he got ready. As Emmet began singing, the audience went crazy and the judges gaped in shock.

Even Simon Cowell was surprised by the performance because it was so incredible. He could be seen joining in the audience's clapping and laughing.  After the performance, the judges gave the team behind the phenomenal AI four yes votes, and they moved on to the semifinals.    

Check it out here: