This is how glasses will look like in the metaverse!

​So, there’s a lot of speculation when it comes to tech accessories in the metaverse. People are now just eagerly waiting to see what tech companies will be bringing forward as new gears for the vast-developing VR and AR worlds. Do you think it will only be about smart phones? Well, think again as there is much more in store! 

Google’s Smart Glasses!

Google discreetly made a substantial achievement in the year 2022. Back in June, the tech giant brought forward one of the most promising startups specialized in developing smart glasses.

The tech firm didn't confirm the precise cost, but the Globe and Mail claimed it was more than $180 million. Then, in the previous year, Google hired a number of renowned AR hardware and software developers. There were rumors that Google was cooking something huge! Today, the company's announcement that they would be experimenting on new smart glasses with augmented reality technology finally confirmed those speculations.

Source: Google

Rumor has it that smart glasses will replace phones in the future!

By the end of the decade, according to Mark Zuckerberg, smart glasses will overtake other internet access methods. In fact, the founder of Meta is so certain of this supposition that he has already begun investing in startups focused on augmented reality and virtual reality. If we're talking about the metaverse, it's known by now that Zuckerberg is all-in, especially after he established Meta! 

It's not just him who believes smartphones will eventually be replaced by smart glasses. The creator of Microsoft's HoloLens, Alex Kipman, concurs that smart glasses are the way of the future. He thinks that although "people just don't know it yet," smartphones are essentially already extinct.

So, what’s the link here with the metaverse?

With the prompt and vast development taking place in the metaverse, some people think that the access key is unlocked by smart glasses. Even renowned fictional characters are now using high-tech glasses or contact lenses to enter virtual reality worlds.

Therefore, it's not implausible to imagine that smart glasses could one day usher us into our own Metaverse. Moreover, it is rational that they could also replace consoles and computers if they can substitute smartphones.

It’s all coming!

All of these are theories, but as things are moving forward, we can't help but believe and be certain that it's coming! The future holds a lot of potential for smart glasses, and this is just the beginning. All we need to do now is wait and see.