Did you know Steve Aoki NFT avatars are coming to the metaverse?

Aoki is a DJ, record producer, music programmer, and record executive from the United States. He's performed at gigs all over the world and collaborated with some of the world's top musicians, including BTS, Backstreet Boys, Louis Tomlinson, and will.i.am, among many others. 

Steve Aoki has also recorded a number of Billboard-charting studio albums.  He has had a massively successful career since his debut in 1996 and he doesn't appear to be winding down anytime soon.

He’s digging deeper into NFTs!

The Steve Aoki NFT avatars have arrived in The Sandbox metaverse. Each of the 3,333 NFTs will be accessible in the metaverse, and users will be able to get multiple versions of Aoki with varying levels of rarity. The rarest is 'Gold,' which accounts for only 2% of all NFTs, while the most common is 'human,' which accounts for 35%.

Each Aoki avatar was generated at random from a pool of 3,333 playable metaverse avatars. Over 100 hand-crafted qualities and numerous one-of-a-kind designs are possible! The avatars are now available for individuals who have been whitelisted. However, they will be offered for public sale 48 hours later, on July 27th at 2 PM UTC. Each avatar will be priced at 100 $SAND, or around $134 USD, and users will be able to mint two to four NFTs based on when they mint.

Did you know that he’s an NFT freak?

Steve Aoki is a big supporter of the metaverse in general. At January, he appeared as a special guest with Masked Wolf and Tigerlily in a virtual concert in Decentraland. Aoki also has his own metaverse platform, dubbed 'The A0K1VERSE.' It is a private membership community that rewards collectors and active members. It offers fans a variety of real-world and digital perks, such as complimentary Steve Aoki concert tickets and early access to his NFT albums. Private events, metaverse experiences, free items, digital wearables, and unique access to fashion and collectable collaborations are also available.

He states in an interview, and we quote, ““(The Sandbox) is a platform for me to just go ham… go crazy with it. The Metaverse is your imagination untapped. For anyone that’s creative, this is your place to do some whacky, zany, fun stuff.”