FIFA has filed metaverse-related trademarks for 2026 World Cup!

FIFA, or Federation Internationale de Football Association, the world's largest football association, has chronicled brands as it works to get events from the 2026 World Cup into the metaverse.

It is official and has been unveiled

Mike Kondoudis, a USPTO licensed brand consultant, made the revelation regarding the metaverse file first, revealing that the documentation was completed on July 14 of this year. According to the brand filing, marketable stores offering actual items and real clothes, hats, eyeglasses, and sports equipment are among the revealed real things that FIFA intends to digitize. FIFA also aims to include some of its first economic and financial acts as metaverse components as part of its vigorous drive to become a metaverse-directed institution.

FIFA isn’t stopping there!

The FIFA brand is also popular in other important areas, such as Financial Payment Management Services, Virtual Stock Marketing, Digital, Virtual, and Crypto Trades, and their respective managements. With many variables not acknowledged by the FIFA brand, it is evident that the association is increasing its focus on the blockchain ecosystem.
In anticipation of the next World Cup, FIFA has formed partnerships with at least two prominent cryptocurrency businesses, namely Algorand and Algorand will act as FIFA's official trading sponsor and will grow its digital strategy, while will function as the organization's blockchain supporter.

Futuristic plans are being implemented!

The collaboration between FIFA and these entities is undoubtedly the most followed on social media right now. It is confined to establishing a mutually beneficial connection for all parties involved.

It is also unclear whether assets from the FIFA brand documentation would be given for free or with a catch. However, the international football organization appears to be preparing to enter the Web3.0 space as a settler via this recently reported brand.