Gatorade is joining the NFT craze!

Gatorade, the largest sports drink brand, has officially unveiled its first NFT collection in collaboration with OneOf and Vayner3. The NFT collection "The Gatorade Game Changers: Athlete of the Year" will be exclusively available on the OneOf NFT marketplace.

Gatorade hopes to broaden the influence of its Gatorade Player of the Year (POY) program through the collection. It also intends to raise awareness of the Athlete of the Year ceremony, which will take place on July 19, 2022.

The first pillar!

The Gatorade Game Changers: Athlete of the Year NFT program is built on two main elements. The Gatorade Athlete of the Year NFT Pack is the first in this series. Gatorade will sell the first NFT cards in bundle packs of three. Furthermore, these will be chosen randomly among national POY athletes.

From July 18 to 20, OneOf will host an open-edition mint of the NFT collection for three days. Each pack is priced at $5 or around 0.00327 ETH and includes no gas fees. Furthermore, the company will contribute the revenues from the collection's primary and secondary sales to the Good Sports organization. Good Sports promotes equal access to youth sports by assisting youngsters in low-income areas.

Indeed, these NFTs will assist to immortalize the 2021-2022 Gatorade Player of the Year award winners on the blockchain. Notably, the honors are presented to the best high school student-athletes. As per the collection’s description, and we quote, “Each of these athletes has overcome immense obstacles and adversity to become pillars in their community and achieved tremendous success on the field and in the classroom”.

The second pillar!

The Gatorade Game Changers: Athlete of the Year NFT program's second pillar aims at giving back to the athletes. The company will airdrop NFTs to the players' personal wallets as part of this. The NFTs are ten "Athlete Original" souvenirs of their unique card.

Overall, the NFT collection includes 12 National Gatorade Players of the Year for 2021-2022. Averi Carlson (Volleyball), Riley Jackson (Girls Soccer), Jacob Murrell (Boys Soccer), Kiki Rice (Girls Basketball), and Gradey Dick (Boys Basketball) are among those who have participated.