Nelson Mandela Foundation debuts an NFT collection!

Nelson Mandela, also known as Madiba, is a former South African president, a symbol of democracy, and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. His life was challenging and tough, because he had lived under South Africa's violent racist and horrible system of white domination known as Apartheid. Nelson Mandela died in 2013. However, his impact on South Africa and the rest of the globe will live on.

To honor him, the Nelson Mandela Foundation did this!

Because of the significance of July 18th, the project's team picked it to be Mandela Day. This day has been observed and recognized across the world. It was the birthday of the previous president. The day was declared by the United Nations in 2009.

In that matter, Nelson Mandela Foundation is producing a series of NFTs in honor of Mandela Day. The initiative, developed in collaboration with Auckland-based Glorious Digital, honors the life and legacy of South Africa's former president. There is no set publication date, but this is a long-term project that will examine Nelson Mandela's influence on the globe using NFTs. Significantly, the project's funding will expand the Nelson Mandela Foundation's reach.

Collaboration with Glorious Digital!

Glorious Digital is a popular NFT agency and marketplace. The agency will have access to personal documents, photos, and other materials as a result of its collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Foundation. In reality, the initiative will endure 10 years and will honor the Nobel Peace Prize winner's legacy.

Tim Harper, Glorious Digital’s Chief Executive, states, and we quote, “To be entrusted with Mandela’s archive, legacy, and messages of togetherness, optimism, leadership, equality, freedom and hope, amongst others, is an honour and a privilege!”