What’s Time Magazine’s metaverse story?

Let’s start off by laying it out for you on how Time Magazine has been exploring the Web3 space for some time now! Time issued an entire magazine as an NFT in March. TIME Magazine's March 23rd edition was made accessible as an ETH-based NFT, with a cover piece regarding the future of the ETH blockchain. The magazine's cover featured Vitalik Buterin, one of the primary engineers behind ETH, and was sent to individuals who bought a TIMEPiece NFT.

TIME has also collaborated with the blue-chip NFT series. In 2021, it stated that it was producing a TV series based on the Toy Boogers NFTs as well as a children's program based on Will Lee's The Littles NFTs. Finally, TIME President Keith Grossman stated at NFT.NYC the previous month that the magazine was cooperating with The Sandbox to develop TIME Square and cement its place in the popular metaverse. 

The story behind the metaverse-themed cover!

TIME Magazine resumed its exploration of Web 3 and the metaverse in August by hiring a well-known digital explorer to investigate these emerging areas and technologies. Today, TIME shared the narrative behind the magazine's metaverse-themed cover on its blog.

Micah Johnson, a former Major League Baseball (MLB) player who played many seasons as a shortstop before resigning to become a digital artist, designed the classic cover. His persona is Aku, whom Johnson refers to be the world's first digital adventurer. The protagonist of the narrative has a compelling backstory. Following the hearing of a toddler asking his mother, "Can astronauts be black?" Johnson designed Aku, who wears a huge space helmet and dreams of adventure.

Aku has been a huge success!

Aku has been such a successful character that it made over $20 million in sales in less than a year the previous year, assisting Johnson in becoming the first NFT artist to land a significant TV and film production agreement. Johnson, a 31-year-old artist, used to paint on normal canvases before recognizing the possibilities of NFTs and digital painting. He currently operates a 3D animation company.