Renault is planning a major collaboration with The SandBox!

Renault, a French automaker established in Paris in 1898, has chosen to enter the Metaverse!  Rumor has it that The Sandbox, the ruler of the metaverse, and the Korean division of Renault are wrapping up a significant partnership. It appears that Renault, like many other brands, has realized how critical it is to participate in this brand-new digital and interactive dimension.

A major partnership!

Because The Sandbox is one of the best platforms in the digital realm, Renault chose to sign a collaboration agreement with them. The automaker has chosen to take on this new adventure because avoiding Web 3.0's advancement and development is not an option given its dizzying rate of development. Therefore, by offering virtual automotive experiences based on its brand, Renault Korea hopes to define its presence in the metaverse through this collaboration. A true game to showcase Renault's products in a new, contemporary, and alternative light.

Cindy Lee, CEO of The Sandbox Korea, talks about the collaboration, and we quote, “This collaboration is a great example of a cooperation. The Sandbox can be developed without any industry boundaries. We can introduce new types of experiences which combine cars and digital assets in The Sandbox.” 

Renault has not yet made public specific details about the overview of the collaboration or the type of experiences it will provide in the metaverse. Brand devotees now only need to wait patiently for all the updates.