The juggernaut Tiffany & Co. is debuting NFTs!

Charles Lewis Tiffany and James A.B. Young created Tiffany & Co., an American jeweler and luxury brand, in 1837. The headquarters of Tiffany & Co. are located at 727 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York City. Forbes magazine rated it as one of the "Best Companies to Work for" in 2016, citing its competitive salaries and intensive training. A while back, Tiffany & Co. was acquired by the French luxury brand, LVMH!

They are taking NFTs to the next level!

Today, Tiffany & Co. is returning to the realm of NFTs with the introduction of NFTiff on August 5th, 2022. The initiative will be exclusive to Crypto Punks holders, which is quite amazing, and will consist of 250 NFTs at a price of 30 ETH apiece.

In a tweet, the brand shares, and we quote, “We’re taking NFTs to the next level. Exclusive to CryptoPunks holders, NFTiff transforms your NFT into a bespoke pendant handcrafted by Tiffany & Co. artisans. You’ll also receive an additional NFT version of the pendant.”

Tell us some more!

You got it! NFTiffs are a set of 250 digital passes supplied by Tiffany & Co. that may be minted and redeemed by CryptoPunks holders to create a custom designed pendant and an NFT digital artwork that mirrors the final jewelry design. Tiffany & Co. artists will design and construct the pendant, which will be prompted by the Cryptopunk owner's Punk NFT. There will be just 250 NFTiff passes available for purchase. A maximum of three NFTiffs may be purchased by any consumer.

In a recent FAQ shared by Tiffany & Co., they gave out some details. For example, the size of the pendant will vary depending on the NFT. The length will be approximately 30mm while the width will be approximately 20mm to 30mm!

This is quite interesting! We hope to see some more of these! Don’t you?