Muse, the renowned rock band, is releasing an NFT album!

Muse, the British rock band, is working on merging between the music industry and Web3 technology with the release of its ninth studio album, 'Will of the People.' In addition to its conventional edition, the album will be published in NFT editions! Okay, so we all know that this isn't something that we haven't seen before, but this will be the first time an NFT album has appeared on the UK and Australian charts. 

1,000 copies!

The album's NFT versions will be available for purchase on Serenade, a music NFT platform, on August 26th, which is the day of the album's official release. Each copy will cost £20 to mint, but there will only be 1,000 copies available worldwide. To ensure that the product is as comprehensive as possible, purchasers will not be required to have a crypto wallet in order to buy, since one may be established instantly when a transaction is completed.

That’s not it. Buyers who make a purchase will receive a downloadable version of the album in the form of high-resolution FLAC files, complete with a unique digital sleeve. The digital album will also include digital signatures from the members of the band, and each of the 1,000 customers' names will be permanently recorded on the album's connected purchasers’ registry.

Now, why is this a first timer?

So, as mentioned, this will be the first time the distributor, in this case Serenade, is acknowledged as an authorized chart-return digital shop, even though the UK's Official Charts Company (OCC) certified NFT records for chart inclusion some months ago. Of course, this is substantial in concept, but the endeavor's relatively low 1,000 supply level means that it won't necessarily have any influence on the album's overall chart performance.

The music industry is digging deeper into the NFT craze and the metaverse. The entertainment industry as a whole has seen the potential of NFTs in boosting fan engagement and providing a unique user experience. Isn’t this the whole point of fame? What do you think?