Zuhair Murad is revitalizing Beirut through NFTs!

On August 4, 2020, a devastating blast hit the city of Beirut, leaving a minimum of 218 deaths, over 7,000 wounded, around 300,000 people homeless, and an approximate $15 billion in property damage. Yes, it was set to be the third largest explosion on a global level, after Chernobyl. This blast destroyed the city and its people, leaving a hopeless population in desperate search of a beam of light! 

The light comes from the people themselves!

Despite it all, the Lebanese people did not and will not give up! They are the ones who carried themselves up and each other to move forward. The faith and hope in mankind is being redeemed with everything going on and everything that took place before to support this city and the people from within. 

Today, and as it marks the 2nd year from the blast, Zuhair Murad, the renowned international fashion designer, who is initially Lebanese, is putting some hope in the lives of the families highly affected from the blast. In collaboration with Annahar newspaper, Murad is releasing an NFT collection, dubbed “RedDress Lebanon” campaign. Annahar describes the collection and the partnership as a “message of hope” to “dress Beirut in the dress of life.”

10,452 NFTs!

The initial physical dress has been created from the mesh that was used in building restorations from the blast, specifically that of the Annahar newspaper building Now, this here is a very sentimental part. As you may or may not know, Lebanon’s is 10,452 km2. This inspired Zuhair Murad and Annahar to debut the RedDress Lebanon campaign with 10,452 NFTs of the mesh dress, the same as Lebanon’s total area. 

The funds raised from the sale of the NFTs will be going to a Lebanese NGO, specialized in mental health, called IDRAAC. The Beirut blast left deep and profound scars, not physically, but also mentally! People were wounded on the inside and the outside. We genuinely hope that this initiative would put a smile back on the faces of the Lebanese people!