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As the world enters the metaverse age, we’re making sure you’re not left behind. Whether you’re on the lookout for metaverse consultation or full-scale business opportunities, our Metaverse Services can provide you with a bespoke, research-based strategy. Our services can accommodate any metaverse you feel confident working with. You name it!


Our expert team can set your metaverse service, event, or experience to be token-gated metaverse. Token gating allows access to perks, benefits, content, or events exclusively to the holders of a particular type and/or quantity of a token which acts as a pass.

NFT Galleries

Hosting galleries in the metaverse is an amazing option for traditional galleries struggling to keep up with the tech innovations in the NFT art scene. We’ll ensure your NFT gallery space matches exactly what you have in mind.

VR Showrooms

We can create highly-interactive VR showrooms for any industry or service with seamless user experience, whereby users can move around and interact with the space as though it’s all happening in real life. No hiccups that disrupt the experience!

3D Models and Avatars

A key aspect of the metaverse is how real it all feels. With years of AR/VR and 2D/3D art experience, our team can integrate cutting-edge 3D visualizations for models and avatars in your metaverse space to create impressive user experiences utilizing an interoperability approach.

Virtual Events and Working Space

We’re highly-skilled in organizing first-class virtual events that are both efficient and entertaining. We can even build you a metaverse environment for your online meetings, a virtual office that mimics your real working space, and other collaboration solutions aiming at next-level operational efficiency.

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As the metaverse tech stack evolves, companies across all industries are racing after unique opportunities. As leaders in innovation, we love a good challenge! We’ll be glad to figure out the best way for you to venture into the virtual economy ahead of others. Let’s discuss your vision and support you in making your mark in the metaverse.


Looking to launch an immersive virtual art gallery for discovering digital and physical art? Our metaverse development company’s got your back. We deliver 3D tours, art tokenization, exhibitions, and viewing rooms that can be set up in no time.


Revamp your online presence! Tap into our expertise and let’s build you a virtual environment mirroring your store along with a cryptocurrency payment gateway. We can also enrich customer experiences with live-shopping events, virtual dressing rooms, or try-on apps.


Combining deep domain expertise and our unmatched tech skills, we can help you extend online learning into the metaverse delivered in VR and AR modes for an inspiring interaction and impact.


Change how patient care, medical education, or research is delivered with the help of our metaverse developers who know how to get the most of the latest advances in extended reality and AI.

Real Estate

As part of our metaverse development services, we can create a full-fledged marketplace for virtual real estate. We can also build land and establishments on it. Need a realistic virtual tour? We’ve got that covered too.


We create immersive brand experiences that are essential for meaningful connections with customers, from virtual showrooms to NFTs allowing consumers to purchase virtual versions of physical products.


Leverage our metaverse development services to bring simulations and digital twins to a new level while improving product designs, manufacturing processes, product development collaboration, and safety.

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On November 17th, we hosted the metaverse replica of our Dubai event on 120+ guests enjoyed a custom-crafted interactive space which featured sneak-peeks into the MADZ avatars, helmets, and rinds, as well as a live-streaming of the Dubai event.