NFT Creative Studio

Our expert team of designers and creators concoct truly unparalleled, jaw-dropping, out of this world Limited Edition NFT experiences and artworks while also offering digital art/tech creation services to influencers, celebrities, brands, and all who wish to enter the NFT scene and strike it big.

Service Features

1.Genesis Concept Creation

2.Developing Full-fledged NFT Collections

3.3D/2D Modeling & Animation

4. 3D Skinning

5.Interactive Design

  • 3D Art Poduction
    Cinema 4D, Zbrush, Blender
  • 2D Art Production
    Adobe Illustrator
  • Photo Manipulation
    Adobe Photoshop
  • Animation
    Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects

When life gives you lemons,

you squeeze NFTs out of them.


Our Brands & Creators’ NFT Lounchpad will support brands and creators to launch their projects or NFT collections via our launchpad, which entails a SEED NFT marketplace & staking dashboard, & a wide variety of user features.