Web3 Platforms

We provide projects with end-to-end flexibility to control and customize their Web3 Platforms with dApp services including smart contracts, design, frontend, and backend. Our team will secure a smooth blockchain experience for your project.

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Web3 Development

We provide projects with end-to-end flexibility to customize their Web3 Platforms with dApp services like Smart Contract Development, NFT Marketplace, NFT Staking, NFT Auction House, Token Staking, and Crypto Launchpad.

2D/3D NFT Generation

We have sufficient experience in automating the generation of NFTs via strategically customized scripts which take all our clients’ requirements into consideration on both the 2D and 3D level.

Smart Contracts Development

We develop Smart Contracts using the Solidity programming language. We also provide Auditing services.

Frontend Development

Our experienced web gurus build multi-channel interfaces that are cutting-edge, complex, responsive, and user-centric, catered for both desktop and mobile.

Backend Development

We provide custom, top-quality backend services for various web and mobile apps across multiple domains utilizing a wide range of programming languages and technologies.

CMS Development

We provide custom CMS services to manage and control our clients’ website data dynamically and efficiently.

User interface & Experience Design

Our skillful UI/UX Design team will provide you with the best client-focused UI/UX solutions creating optimal user experiences with engaging interfaces sure to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Crypto & Card Payment Integration

We offer custom crypto based payment solutions and fiat on-ramps for crypto payment through credit/debit cards. We also provide integration these solutions in existing projects.

Cloud Services

With years of experience in managing AWS and GCP cloud resources, we ensure flexibility and scalability for your apps and websites.

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Crypto Launchpad

This platform entailed an overview of all information about the launched project with vital details regarding the following sections: About the Project, Team, Token Distribution Chart, Token Allocation, Token Launch, and NFT Collection.

Crypto Subscription

We offered crypto-based subscriptions to users who wanted to subscribe to the inheritance Art Spatial Spawns service through a one-time payment or a yearly subscription plan, with on-chain transaction validations securely validated to avoid hacks and cyber attacks.

NFT Auction House

Our custom-modeled NFT Auction House allowed the admin to deploy multiple nft collections’ smart contracts supporting both ERC1155 and ERC721 NFT protocols with the ability of including unlockable content. Users were able to bid on auctioned NFTs with the prerequisite of staking the inheritance Art native $iAI token first. Bidding was available in two tokens: $ETH and $iAI.

NFT Marketplace

We built an end-to-end NFT Marketplace supporting both ERC1155 and ERC721 NFT protocols. The Marketplace offered both the Whitelist and stake-to-buy approach for the initial sale stage, and users were able to purchase the NFTs listed on the Marketplace using three different payment options: BNB, BUSD, and Credit Card payment.

Token Staking

We personalized a staking platform that enabled the admin to create an unlimited number of staking pools. For each pool, the admin was able to set the size, the duration, the minimum and maximum allocation per user, the APR, and the users’ early unlocking penalty.

NFT Staking

We forged a high-end NFT Staking platform to support the inheritance Art NFT Collection. As per the smart contract developed by our dev team, NFT holders were able to stake their NFTs to mint their $iAI token as part of the token’s vesting plan with early claimers being subject to taxation.

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