The advantages of Staking for you!

Let’s brief you before we throw some positivity towards you! 

As mentioned in our previous educational article, staking is quite a newly established process in the crypto world. During the process, coin holders have part of their owned tokens locked, committing to assist a certain network in verifying its transactions. This results in them receiving rewards for their loyalty! Hence, the tokens remain idle or inactive, generate returns and value for their holders, and at the same time, is useful for the network’s market position! 

Now, are you ready for the good part?

As you are well aware, every process has its advantages and disadvantages. Today, we are all about the advantages of staking. First, staking doesn’t require large amounts of computational powers, making the process environmentally friendly since it needs less energy. For example, users can utilize any computer, desktop PC or mobile phone, unlike mining! Second, staking doesn’t require full-time internet connection. You can simply generate revenue and interest from your investment while being offline. This is called “Cold Staking”. 

Is mining and staking the same? 

The process of mining, in brief, refers to the concept of creating new blocks on the blockchain. Hence, a miner can also stake to create new blocks, however, the two concepts are not the same, no! Let’s put it like this, “staking conception is making a refundable deposit that aims to prove that you have invested in the profit of anything you’re mining off.” That said, it is also important to add that staking is a safe and secure process. Whenever an economic drawback or attack takes place, staking can act as an effective fighting element. In addition, all you need to have for staking is intelligence, wittiness, and gut, not even much knowledge is required. You simply buy coins, deposit them, and stake them to earn more! You can see the example of $BOM token! The mojo is “Stake $BOM to earn more $BOM”! 


Well, not everything is guaranteed in this world, but we may be sure of this one! Whenever the bought coin goes up, your revenue automatically does too. So here, it is indeed a guaranteed pay! Don’t you think that this process is much more profitable and safer than simply putting your money in a saving account? Staking profit is guaranteed ! Have you had your dose of positivity for today?